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Cargo Tracking Methods

Cargo Tracking Methods

Cargo Tracking

  • Cargo Tracking refers to the technology that helps the parties in the transport chain to control their transportation and locate their shipment goods at any point in its journey providing real-time information.
  • The common benefits from real time tracking technologies can be summaried as:
    • Identify and address the weaknesses in firms supply networks 
    • The ability to manage supplier’s performance
    • Reduce total freight costs 
    • Optimize firm’s inventory management 
    • Increasing firms efficiency by planning ahead
    • More power in pricing negotiations 
    • Reduction in lead times 
    • Reduction in back orders

Learning Activities

You are an employ of a freight forwarder firm in DRC, and you are responsible for dealing with special items in the transport department of the company. You receive an inquiry from a customer in Uganda who is procuring Gold from one supplier in DRC, they intend to buy 22 Kgs of gold and they are to be moved from Kinshasa to Kampala, the value of the gold is 1M$, the gold is to be picked from suppliers premises to the airport and then airlifted to Entebbe Airport where the customers Customs agent will receive the goods.


  1. Try to act as if you are talking to a customer in a consultation meeting
  2. Counsel your customer in regard to efficient and proper packing of the gold.
  3. Explain in detail your consideration regarding the transport process from supplier’s premises until delivery in Entebbe.
  4. Give reasons why you chose which mode for each leg of the journey.
  5. Explain the special transport requirements with regard to the value of the cargo.
  6. Explain the cargo insurance policy you would take and also advise your client to take.
  7. Explain the full range of documentation needed for this transport.


  1. Explain the criteria for a supply chain security plan for both domestic and international shipping.
  2. Explain at least five (5) insurance options available for the key players in the logistics industry
  3. Explain at least five (5) voluntary initiatives by freight forwarders to enhance security in the supply chain.
  4. Discuss the impact of real time tracking technologies to the freight logistic industry.