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Challenges Facing Port in Clearance Process

Challenges Facing Port in Clearance Process

  • Most ports are plagued with problems like clearance delays, inadequate investments, increased port rates, lack of effective strategies, and inappropriate international mandates. This is causing many challenges. 
  • Other factors affecting ports clearance include: 
    • Lack of knowledge on clearing procedures
    • Unavailability of original documents especially bill of lading
    • Abandonment of cargo by agents due to various reasons
    • Misdeclaration by customs agents
    • Many documentation stages
    • Poor training of clearing agents and other parties participating in cargo clearance
    • Corrupt practices by other parties
    • Inadequate cargo handling equipment.

Learning Activities

  • Identify a sea or inland waterway port in each East Africa country. Study the various aspects of the port identified and addresses the issues below.


    1. The main types of cargo handled in the ports identified
    2. The cargo clearance procedure for clearing direct shipment from a landing vessel at a sea port or the transit cargo at the inland waterway port. 


    1. Explain the meaning of the term port clearance
    2. State systems used for clearance of cargo at the port of Dar Es Salaam and Kilindini Mombasa.
    3. Explain any two benefits of automating cargo clearance process at the port.