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Considerations in Designing Warehouse Layouts

Considerations in Designing Warehouse Layouts

  • Flow

Ensuring the uninterrupted flow of goods, personnel, and equipment is vital to consider in the design layout for the smooth functioning of your warehouse. 

  • Accessibility

While planning your warehouse layout, it is crucial to ensure easy accessibility to all the areas and products in your facility. The layout should be designed in a way that makes it easy for personnel to navigate throughout the facility while conveniently locating and picking items without having to move other products. 

  • Equipment

The use of different types of equipment in your warehouse, such as lifting & packing tools, pallet racks, or conveyors, can influence the layout design. 

  • Throughput

Throughput in a warehouse refers to the number of products that are processed and moved through various warehouse processes such as receiving, putaway, storage, picking, packing, and shipping. 

  • Personnel

Knowing the number of people required, their current levels of training and shift timings, and other related factors can help design a warehouse layout in a way that doesn’t limit a workforce’s productivity. 

  • Authority Guidelines

While designing a warehouse layout, it is critical to comply with the guidelines provided by the local authorities. Abiding by these guidelines not only ensures the safety of workers, equipment, or other valuable assets but also helps avoid fines and legal problems for your business.