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Determining the Appropriate Mode of Transport for Goods

Determining the Appropriate Mode of Transport for Goods

Modal Selection 

  • The principal first level of choice depends on the nature of the product. It must make economic sense given product characteristics to ship on a given mode. 
    1.  Cost
    2. Speed of Transport
    3. Flexibility
    4. Regularity of Service
    5. Safety and Security
    6. Nature of Commodity
    7. Service

Learning Activities

  1. Transport infrastructure is critical to the transportation of goods. Identify the most prevalent transport infrastructure in your country. What are the challenges in using the different transport infrastructure in the transportation of goods in the region?
  2. Using the trade routes, you discussed in the last topic, identify the various transport infrastructure you would use in transporting goods from Guangzhou in China to Bujumbura in Burundi; Mwanza in Tanzania; Bukoba in Uganda.


  1. Discuss at least five (5) critical factors in the selection of transport infrastructure.
  2. What criteria would you use in evaluating the different modes of transport?