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Exit from Customs Area

Exit from Customs Area

  • This is a function of the Customs Enforcement officer who verifies that that the physically presented consignment at the exit gate corresponds with the Customs Declaration and supporting documentation, and that all Customs procedures have been complied with.
    • When Customs officer finishes the logistics operation, the Line of packages are indicated as “removed”.
    • The status of the Transport Document switches to “discharged”.
    • Every day, the system detects, and locks imported goods that are still in a Customs area after the delay to complete the clearance process has expired. 

Learning Activities

Log into the iCMS and undertake the following tasks. 


  1. Request for cargo transfer to CFS/Shed
  2. Make a transfer request to move grain bulk to Grain Bulk Handling facility (GBH).


Discuss the roles and responsibilities of a customs agent / clearing and forwarding agent in exiting Custom areas.