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Factors Affecting Warehouse Layout and Planning

Factors Affecting Warehouse Layout and Planning

  1. Outside Factors
    Size and configuration of site — must be adequate to accommodate required equipment

Site access — must be adequate for the types of vehicle and volume of traffic using that particular site

  • Local authority plans — the proposed warehouse can be greatly affected by the government development plan
  • Site details — characteristics of the facilities found in the site such as drainage and ground.
  • Financial considerations — consider about the rents, costs of ownership, investments grants
  • Building factors — existing building to be use as a warehouse.

2. Inside Factors
Flow of goods in the warehouse: ‘U’ flow or through flow

  • Movement of people and equipment
  • Access to stock and minimize congestion
  • Identification of stock and codes
  • Stock location, rotation (FIFO)
  • Stock checking requirements
  • Stock replenishment
  • Handling of goods in and out of the warehouse
  • Supervision, safety, stock security