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Good Shipment / Transportation

Good Shipment / Transportation

  • Shipment Transportation Mode Selection
    Defining package order shipment weights is important and generally the first step because the package weight is often used to determine which mode of transportation will be used to ship the product (e.g., parcel, LTL, or truckload). 
  • Outbound Vehicle Consolidation
    Consolidating outbound vehicles is the process of collecting goods that are awaiting dispatch and allows for the preparation of individual vehicle loads. These loads are collected in storage lanes, or bays, that are immediately adjacent to the loading dock where delivery vehicles for those loads are waiting to be loaded or where vehicles will arrive.

Learning Activities

A beverage manufacturer receives a supermarket order for 10,000 products to be delivered to 20 different stores. As products exit the production line, they travel along a conveyor and barcode technology directs them down the correct lane based on delivery region. Counting technology counts products as they pass through, so that each store receives its guaranteed quota. Automatic palletisers take products from the sorting bays and load them onto pallets. Each pallet receives an automatically printed label telling staff which truck the pallet needs to be loaded on to.


  1. Discuss the benefits of automating the dispatch process. In your discussion include some of the challenges that could be faced while attempting to automate the dispatch process. 
  2. Apart from those mentioned in the above scenario, which other technologies can be introduced in order to minimise damages and speed up the dispatch process in a warehouse.


  1. Explain the meaning of key terms in dispatch of goods
  2. Graben Warehousing Limited has been facing some challenges in there dispatch process; many times there is a mismatch between the good in storage, the goods shipped out and the goods received by the customers. As an expert in warehousing, suggest and describe five documents that could help improve the receiving process.
  3. Explain how technology can integrate and thus improve the dispatch process and order management. 
  4. Provide a description of ten (10) common picking, packaging and loading systems and equipment in a warehouse
  5. What do you understand by the term Order consolidation?
  6.  What is the difference between packing and packaging?