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Intervening Parties and how they influence the Freight Forwarding Industry

Intervening Parties and how they influence the Freight Forwarding Industry

Ship Owners

  • The shipowner according to the general definition is a natural or legal person who operates his own or a rented ship. 
  • A ship owner employs the captain and crew, and he also is civilly liable for obligations arising from the operation of the ship. 
  • This is the owner of the ship or a person authorized to dispose of the ship on his behalf. 
  • In the maritime trader’s law, a shipowner is specified by such phrases as: “shipping company” or “ship trader. 

Road Transport operators,

  • Road transport means transportation of goods and personnel from one place to the other on roads. 
  • Freight forwarders often engage road transporters for transportation of goods to various destinations.

Railway Authorities,

  • Railroads are the oldest means of mechanized transportation, but the global economy still depends on rail. 
  • From moving freight across continents to moving passengers underneath the streets of some of the busiest cities on earth, trains and related technologies help keep the economy “on track by transporting containers from the sea port to hinterlands.”


  • An airline is a company that provides air transport services for traveling passengers and freight.

Inland Waterway operators

  • The inland waterway operators are very important in arranging the schedule and booking of space for cargo transported through inland waterways.

Insurance Companies  

  • It is crucial to request insurance for the cargo being forwarded. 
  • Insurance ensures that the quality and integrity of the goods is maintained, as well as the possibility for receiving compensations in case damage occurs due to unfavourable weather conditions or for other unforeseen factors.

Commercial Banks

  • A commercial bank is a financial institution offering a variety of services to individuals, businesses and capital markets. 

Learning Activities

Discuss the external environmental factors that can affect the operations of a freight forwarding company.


  1. Explain the impact of intervening parties in freight forwarding organization. 
  2. Explain how organizational rules in a freight forwarding company can affect smooth clearance of cargo at the airport