Topic 1, Sub-Topic 1
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This topic will enable the learner to 

    • Create and submit a cargo manifest to customs; 
    • Request for manifest amendment and supplementary manifest; 
    • Request for pre-verification; 
    • Request for cargo transfer; 
    • Create a house manifest.

Functions of Shipping Agents in iCMS

Functions of Shipping Agents in iCMS with respect to cargo manifest includes the following:

    • Submission of manifests.
    • Submission of consolidation manifests.
    • Payment of amendment fees on behalf of exporters and importers.
    • Request to Supplement manifests.
    • Request to Amend manifests.
    • Pre-verification requests.


  • A cargo manifest in iCMS is known as Summary Declaration (SD).  It is a document listing the cargo, passengers and crew of a ship, aircraft, or vehicle for the use of Customs and other officials.
  • Transport document (B/L) – A document issued by a carrier or its agent to the shipper as a contract of carriage of goods.  It is also a receipt for cargo.
  • Line of package (LP) – The lines of packages segment hold information on the individual packages related to each transport document of the SD.
  • Temporary storage (CFS) – Customs approved temporary storage areas.  They are also called “Customs areas” and include port docks, sheds, private sheds, container freight stations and other premises granted by Customs for holding goods.
  • Customs office country code – Customs office country code is set by the system as the country of implementation.
  • Customs office code – Customs office code is validated using the country of implementation as the country code.
  • Customs office code national subdivision – Customs office code national subdivision is validated using the country of implementation as the country code and the Customs office code in the first subdivision. When the Summary Declaration is entered in CI/DTI mode, the Customs office subdivision name is displayed automatically upon entry of valid codes.
  • TR number of carrier or its representative -This information is mandatory i.e.; the carrier must be registered on the Traders Registry. The check of the Registration is performed at the save of the general segment of the SD and at the registration of the SD.