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Key Personnel of Warehouse

Key Personnel of Warehouse


  • The Receiver at a warehouse receives incoming shipments, inspects, checks documents, verifies purchase order and confirms the condition and quantity of the goods delivered.

Forklift Operators

  • Shipments have to be moved around the warehouse using fork lift trucks, and the person who does that is the Forklift Operator. They move incoming shipments to the proper places for storage, and they move outgoing shipments to the loading dock. Forklift Operators may also assist in organizing inventory, often by moving items located on high shelves.

Material Handlers

  • Material Handlers help with picking, packing, and inventory in a warehouse. A Material Handler needs to have experience operating a forklift, but they’re also expected to do more around the warehouse.  

Delivery Drivers

  • Safely drive company vehicle and successfully handle and deliver packages to customers on time.

Security Guards 

  • The key roles of the security guards include:
  • Secure premises by patrolling property and monitoring surveillance equipment
  • Monitor and secure gates/doors, and record incidents daily
  • Conduct screening of personnel in a professional manor
  • Keep safety a top priority, and report any safety hazards
  • Monitor behaviour and report unusual activity

Packaging Operators

The packaging operators ensure efficient operation of case forming, case packing, labelling and all other downstream equipment. They ensure equipment is supplied with required materials, (e.g., adhesives, shrink wrap, labels). In addition, they:

  • Perform package quality checks as required and comply with all standard safety practices, safety rules, and all Company rules and policies.
  • Maintain accurate records and logs as required and perform operator-related preventative maintenance duties as required.

Warehouse Clerical Support Administrator

  • Enters, verifies, maintains, and corrects data on a computer or handheld scanning device. 
  • Creates all work assignments for warehouse personnel. 
  • Completes reports including detention logs, product audits, receiving variance logs, and trailer shipping logs. 
  • Manages direct to client orders using multiple systems, email, and phone correspondence. 
  • Verifies, maintains, and audits issues concerning vendor appointments, shipment quality, damage, and third-party logistics delivery issues. 
  • Responsible for all entry of third-party logistics claims and damages.

Order Picker/ Packers

  • Pick and confirm orders efficiently and accurately, Pack orders efficiently and correctly to prevent damage and Ticket or label orders as specified.

Warehouse Manager

  • Typical responsibilities of the job include:
    • Ensure proper allocation and utilization of space 
    • Processing orders
    • Operating mechanical and it systems
    • Liaising with transport companies, suppliers and clients
    • Training, supervising and appraising staff
    • Maintaining statistical and financial records

Learning Activities

Conduct an overall check of activities in a warehouse you are familiar with. 

  1. What improvements would you suggest to the top management to improve the optimum flow of materials from receipt to dispatch?


  1. The role of warehousing in supply chains has evolved over time. Explain the new roles of warehousing from a global supply chain context.
  2. You have been appointed as a manager of new manufacturing company, the company is considering opening a warehousing facility, briefly highlight the importance of Warehousing
  3. Warehouses provide different functions to different clients, using a warehouse familiar to you, discuss the functions provided in that warehouse. 
  4. Using examples from your country explain the various types of warehouses. 
  5. Why is it important to classify warehouses? Give any five major factors that are considered when classifying warehouses.  
  6. Describe any five (5) key warehousing documents
  7. The National Medical Stores has constructed a new modern state of the art warehouse; the human resource manager has approached you to provide a list of the key employees to be recruited to ensure the new facility runs efficiently. Provide a list of the key warehouse positions and a summary of their job descriptions to enable the Human Resources Manager recruit the appropriate employees.