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Making a Statement of Origin: The REX System

Making a Statement of Origin: The REX System

  • The process of Making out the Statement of Origin under the REX System involves the following:
    • The exporter shall fill the Pre-application form and submit it online,
    • The exporter shall sign on box five of the printed form. 
    • If the exporter elected to allow publication of his data, he shall also sign on box six of the form. If not, the exporter will leave Box 6 unsigned. 
    • He shall present the duly signed form to the competent authority. 
    • The competent authority will study the content and the goods in question to ascertain their eligibility under the GSP Rules of Origin Applicable.
    • If the goods originate, the Competent Authority will register the exporter on the Rex System and notify the exporter of the registration. 
    • The exporters will make statements of origin on commercial documentation.

Student Activities

  • Discuss the accession of each Partner State to the GSP Rex System
  • Discuss which EU-GSP Scheme is applicable to each Partner States and the reasons why.


  1. Distinguish between Standard GSP and Everything But Arms (EBA) in the EU-GSP Scheme stating the criteria used determine how a country qualifies for what scheme.
  2. Explain the various forms that substantial transformation is applied under the EU-GSP Scheme.
  3. Distinguish between negotiated Rules of Origin (e.g. EAC, COMESA and SADC Rules of Origin) and unilateral Rules of Origin like the EU-GSP Rules