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Manifest Amendment

Manifest Amendment

  • Manifest amendments involve making changes to details of already submitted manifest. The legal basis for manifest amendment is Section 24(4), (5) of EACCMA, 2004. It states as follows:

(4) The proper officer may permit the master or agent of an aircraft or vessel to amend the destination, ownership or status of goods specified in the report where a change in such destination, ownership or status is intended. 

(5) The proper officer may permit the master or agent of an aircraft or vessel to amend an obvious error in the report, to supply an omission, which in the opinion of the proper officer results from accident or inadvertence. 

  • The step-by-step process of amending a cargo manifest is as follows:
    • Log in as a Shipping agent; untick and click manifest module.
    • Click amendment request on the left side of the window.
    • Capture amend request.
    • Paste manifest number on the field required.
    • Click search.  Select transport document that you want to amend; click amend transport document (TD) icon at the top.
    • Click drop down menu at TD amendment indicator: to amend several columns, select “both”; other options include excess landing, short landing and other.
    • On the respective fields that require amendment, type the correct details.  Under LP transaction at the bottom of page, you can amend quantities, weight, marks of packages and description of goods.


    • Window pop ups that attachments are necessary e.g., manifest corrector, affidavit etc. click OK.
    • Click attachments – Type description of the documents.
    • Click on first document to highlight; click green plus sign to upload document; select document to upload; SAVE and exit (red X sign).
    • TD is in created status; highlight and submit; submitted SD successfully; status changes to pending approval; if approved, C/Agent generates e-slip and goes to pay.
    • To generate e-slip: click on search and display amendment request on the left window; key in manifest no.; search; display; status is “pending payment”; select TD request; select print e-slip icon; e-slip pop-ups; make payment (fee of USD 10 per field).
    • C/Agent can now use amended manifest.