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Order Management System

Order Management System

  • Order placement

Order placement time can vary from days (by mail) to minutes (by phone). Using the internet or EDI, order placement can take place instantaneously from customers directly to suppliers. 

  • Order Processing

The order processing function involves checking customer credit, transferring information to sales records, sending the order to the inventory area, and preparing shipping documents. 

  • Order Preparation 

Depending on the commodity to be handled and other factors, the order preparation process may be very simple and performed manually or may be complex and highly automated. Once the order is picked, it is packed and packaged to prepare for shipment.

  • Order Shipment

Order shipment includes the time it takes from placing the order on a truck for movement to the time it is received and unloaded at the buyer’s destination. Measuring and controlling order shipment can be accomplished through receivers of product being given advance shipping notice (ASN) from supplier firms.