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Packing, Packaging and Stacking

Packing, Packaging and Stacking


Packing consists of combining all the items in a sales order together and getting it ready for shipment. This process involves packing the items in a suitable container, weighing the packed order, printing relevant labels, and selecting the right courier service to complete your delivery.


The packaging is a process of designing and manufacturing container for protection and also for display. The difference between packing and packaging is that the packing provides the protective wrapping of goods to transport but do not display the products. Packaging used for the protection of goods but also display it for the retail market.


Stacking literally means to arrange a number of things in a pile, typically a neat one. In warehousing there are different types of stacking, these include; 

  • Single stacking
  • Block Stacking, 
  • Pallet-less stacking