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Parties and Terms of Engagement in Air Transport

Parties and Terms of Engagement in Air Transport

General Conditions of Carriage 

  • The carriage of goods is governed by the Montreal Protocol (MP4) and most recently revert to Montreal Convention (MC1999).  
  • The carrier’s limitation of liability for loss, damage or delay to freight is SDR 17 (Special Drawing Rights) or 250 French gold francs per kilogram. 
  • It is advisable for shippers to declare the value for carriage.  Shippers and its appointed freight forwarders must read the conditions of carriage thoroughly when filling up the Shipper’s Letter of Instructions for Dispatch (SLI) or the air waybill. 

Airline’s Conditions of Carriage and Contract

General Conditions of Carriage of Cargo 

  1. The nature of the contract- Especially in cases on air transportation of goods dealt within national courts, the question on the nature of the contract is of significant importance. 
  2. The contractual parties– three or even more parties can be involved or receive benefits. The parties may include:
  • The Carrier
  • Air Cargo Intermediaries
  • Consignor and Consignee