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Picking Accuracy

Picking Accuracy

  • Order Picking Accuracy (OPA) is defined as the total number of orders picked and verified to be accurate prior to shipment divided by the total number of orders picked over the same period of time, as a percentage. 
  • Knowing the order picking accuracy (OPA) allows businesses to identify error-prone processes and take corrective actions to improve picking accuracy.

How to calculate order picking accuracy (OPA) with an example

  1. You picked 1,000 orders in the month of December
  2. Out of these, 900 orders were picked accurately and 100 orders were picked incorrectly
  3. Based on this data, your order picking accuracy in the month of December = 900/1000 = 0.9
  4. Order picking accuracy (OPA) (%) for the month of December = 90%

How to increase order picking accuracy (OPA)

    • Reducing number of errors through powerful workflows
    • Incorporating next-gen technology for error-free automation

Ways to increase order picking accuracy (OPA)

  • ‍Optimise your warehouse layout
    • Using ABC analysis by grouping items based on historic purchase data and patterns.
  • Group A – Most frequently purchased products
  • Group B – Less frequently purchased products
  • Group C – Rarely purchased items (Dead stock and excess inventory)

Warehouse optimisation after performing ABC