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Road Transport Documentation

Road Transport Documentation

Way bill for inland transportation

  • An inland bill of lading is a contract signed between a shipper and a transportation company (carrier) for the overland transportation of goods. 

Packing List

  • Also known as a shipping list, packing list, bill of parcel, or unpacking note is a document that provides the buyer with product details (order date, products included in the order, and quantity of each product) to ensure that it is exactly what was ordered. 

Commercial Invoice

  • A commercial invoice provides a full description of the shipped goods, including their overall value.

Customs Entry

  • A customs document provides a full description of the shipped goods. 

Certificate of Origin

  • A certificate of origin is a document that shows where the goods are being shipped from. 

CMR Document

  • The CMR transport document is an international consignment note used by drivers, operators and forwarders alike that govern the responsibilities and liabilities of the parties to a contract for the carriage of goods by road internationally. 

Cargo Insurance Certificate

  • The Cargo Insurance Certificate is a document indicating the type and amount of insurance coverage in force on a particular shipment. 

Delivery Note

  • A Delivery Note is one of the transport documents accompanying the shipment of goods that list the description and quantity of goods delivered.