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Types of Customs Documentation

Types of Customs Documentation

There are two major types of Customs documentation highlighted below

    1. Prescribed Customs Documents
    2. Supporting documents

Prescribed Customs Documents

  • Prescribed Customs documents are those prescribed by the law and are used for the purposes of declaration. There are various Customs forms that are used for various purposes. 
  • For valuation purposes there are two major Customs forms that are key. 
  • The Single Administrative Form C17
  • Declaration of particulars relating to Customs Value Form C36


Supporting documents

  • These are the documents that are used to support the Customs declarations made by Importers through their Customs agents. 
  • They include documents such the 
    • Commercial Invoice, 
    • Packing list, 
    • Log book, 
    • Death certificate, 
    • Freight invoice, 
    • Insurance debit note, 
    • phytosanitary certificate, 
    • Certificate of Conformity etc.