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Types of Special Cargo

Types of Special Cargo

Live Animals 

  • This is cargo that involves the transportation of animals and birds. 
  • Pet animals can be carried as an accompanied baggage or shipped as Cargo. They include all types of animals and birds.

Hazardous Goods

  • These are articles and substances that can pose a significant risk to health, safety or property. 
  • They can be shipped by air when sipping risks are reduced to acceptable levels by limiting the quantity per package and by careful packing to afford suitable protection during normal transit. 
  • Dangerous goods are classified into hazard classes, according to the level of risk. 

Fragile Cargo

  • Any item is defined as ‘fragile cargo’ if it can be easily damaged by jolting, dropping, bumping or rough handling during transit. 
  • This includes many commodities made of clay, pottery, china, stone and glass as well as commodities containing liquids.
  • Fragile cargo is classified as four types:
    • Solid items (i.e. glassware, chinaware, TV tubes)
    • Solid items containing normal liquids (i.e. bottles of shampoo)
    • Solid items containing dangerous or expensive liquids (i.e. bottles of alcohol, paints, perfumes)
    • Bulky and easily damaged aircraft components (i.e. flaps, ailerons, elevators).  

Out of Gauge Cargo

  • We call cargo oversized, or out of gauge, when it’s too tall or wide to fit in a closed shipping container. 
  • Big construction machines often fall into this category, as do many other loads. 
  • Extremely large panes of glass, bridge beams, and propellers for wind turbines are just a few examples.   

Perishable Cargo

  • Perishable cargo may be defined as goods that can deteriorate if not stored or transported under ideal circumstances or if exposed to adverse temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions. 
  • Examples of perishable cargo are Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, dairy products etc.

High-Value Cargo

  • We have considerable expertise in handling high-value items with a declared value exceeding a certain determined value. 
  • Items included on ‘high value’ list include works of art, banknotes, gems and jewelry, precious metals, negotiable securities, stock certificates and antiques.