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World Climate, Weather, Seasons and Effects on Cargo Movement

World Climate, Weather, Seasons and Effects on Cargo Movement

Influence of climate, weather and seasons in International carriage of goods 

  • Weather variation is the temporal stochastic variation of temperature, precipitation and other weather variables. 
  • Natural disasters are major adverse events resulting from natural processes which may cause serious damage and the death of human beings. 
  • Natural disasters and weather variations may affect trade through different channels as explained below: 

Direct Impacts of Climate Change on International Trade

  • Climate change will impact trade through a number of channels, not all of which can be easily quantified. 
  • Climate change affects the supply, transport and distribution chains thereby affecting future international trade patterns.
  • Extreme weather events, may lead to the temporary shutdown of ports and transport routes; they might also damage infrastructure critical to trade and thus have longer-lasting effects. 
  • Weather interruptions can lead to delays, increase the costs of international trade and could lead to a shift in trade patterns as companies involved in trade seek alternatives to increase reliability of shipping.