• 6 Topics

    Classification of Goods

    This module unit specifies the competencies required to classify goods. This involves:

    • Understanding the scope of the Harmonized System Convention (HSC); 
    • Determining the structure for classification of goods; 
    • Classifying goods based on section notes, chapter notes headings and subheadings; determining appropriate tariff for selected sections goods; 
    • Applying the East African Community (EAC) Common External Tariff (CET); and managing tariff classification disputes.
  • 7 Topics

    Customs Clearance of Goods

    This course unit is intended to enable the participants to 
      • The scope of cargo clearance; 
      • Determine prohibited and restricted goods; 
      • Determine general customs declaration conditions; 
      • Apply import and export procedures; 
      • Process goods through customs bonded warehouse; 
      • Identify customs security bonds; 
      • Determine Customs offences and penalties.
  • 8 Topics

    Customs Management Information Systems

    This unit describes the competencies required for effective customs declaration and clearance through the Customs Management System (CMS). It addresses:
      • procedures for customs declaration; 
      • processing a manifest; 
      • processing different entries; 
      • exiting from the Customs area of the system. 
    • This course is intended to enable the participants to explain the Customs reform path; create import declaration form, manifest, import entry for home use of commercial goods, temporary importation entry, warehousing entry, and gate pass. 
    • This training manual focuses on the Customs Management Systems used in Kenya
  • 10 Topics

    Customs Valuation

    This unit specifies the competencies required to determine Customs value of imported goods.  It involves: 
      • Application of the principles of customs valuation; 
      • Applying the WTO-ACV Legal texts; 
      • Determining customs value based on the transaction value method, transaction value of identical goods method, transaction value of similar goods method, deductive value method, computed value method and fall back value method; 
      • Confirming the authenticity of the goods value figure using customs documents; and, managing valuation disputes.