Carriage of Goods

This unit specifies the competencies required to facilitate carriage of cargo. This involves:
  • Determining the scope of international carriage of goods;
  • Identifying the global traffic systems;
  • Selecting the mode of transport for goods; 
  • Transporting goods using different modes of transport;
  • Determining freight rates; 
  • Handling of special cargo; 
  • Ensuring cargo safety and security.

Unit Summary Learning Outcomes

At the end of the unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Identify scope of international carriage of goods
  • Identify global traffic systems
  • Select the mode of transport for goods  
  • Transport goods using different types of transport modes
  • Determine Freight rates 
  • Handle special cargo in transportation  
  • Ensure cargo safety and security.

Duration in Hours

60 Hours

Credit Factor

6 Credits

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