Warehousing Operations

This unit specifies the competencies required to provide warehousing services. This involves: 
  • Determining type of warehouse; 
  • Receiving and Put-Away of goods; 
  • Storing of goods; 
  • Packaging and repackaging goods; 
  • Dispatching goods; 
  • Processing goods returned in a warehouse; 
  • Select material handling equipment.

Unit Summary Learning Outcomes

At the end of the unit, the trainee should be able to:

  • Determine the most appropriate type of warehouse
  • Receive and Put-away goods
  • Store goods in the warehouse
  • Package and repackage of goods in the warehouse
  • Dispatch goods from the warehouse
  • Process goods returned in a warehouse
  • Select material handling equipment.

Duration in Hours

70 Hours

Credit Factor

7 Credits

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